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Wilderness-Experiential (Coming soon) | Client Programs

At CVN we are developing an innovative and effective branch of the adult and adolescent therapy that takes addiction recovery into the wilderness. We have found and endorse the research that states that the awe-inspiring effects of the natural world are so moving that it can expedite and help sustain the recovery process. For decades, wilderness therapists and outdoor educators have been incorporating the healing and restorative powers of nature into programs designed to help troubled adolescents and adults overcome personal challenges, regain control over their lives, and put themselves back on the path to health and happiness. And though experts have yet to agree on exactly why the wilderness experience works so well, years of case histories and several studies have documented the dramatic effectiveness of properly managed and operated therapeutic wilderness education programs. So at CVN, we will soon be offering more than just experiential excursions when we open our Wilderness-Experiential outdoor, overnight recovery option. Details coming soon.

The Core 12 Week Program

The CORE program has been designed by CoreVision Network (CVN) to serve its clients, their family and friends, and its administration and staff in their own personal growth. These growth areas are personal, social, emotional, and behavioral and are approached with a holistic perspective, intending to encourage, guide, and care for all participants.

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