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Who We Are

Heart & Soul

CoreVision Network is an umbrella organization with a collection of high-quality, innovative treatment centers located across Colorado, designed to help individuals with addiction,abuse and dependency diagnoses. These treatment centers use a focused, individualized approach known as client centered, as well as experiential, art and music therapies. CVN’s goal is to provide recovery options and success for addicts of all types as well as providing support for their families, in an effort to restore lives and develop personal purpose.

What You Aim To Do

CVN believes addiction recovery is a lifelong journey that cannot be accomplished independently. Our mission is to set a new standard in intensive inpatient and outpatient treatment by focusing on healing the mind, body, and spirit in accordance with personalized support and tailored approaches. We specialize in helping individuals new to recovery as well as those who have not experienced or sustained recovery through other methods. It is our goal to incorporate the whole person, with a sustainable approach through comprehensive intake interviews, personal discovery exercises, psycho-dynamic education methods, mindfulness awareness practice, and tailored recovery treatment plans that can help each person develop a lifelong understanding of what it takes to maintain purposeful and honest sober-living throughout life.


At CVN, we know that every person has a unique story; we also know that our stories need not separate or isolate us from the human experience that we are all seeking to enjoy. When addiction gets in our way, what we need most is a guide who knows the way to recovery, who can be trusted, relied upon, and modeled. We know every person has the ability to successfully live life addiction free when they know the true meaning of love, acceptance, and surrender. For in all these acts lies freedom.

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