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Located in Colorado’s beautiful mountainous state, CoreVision Network’s, goal is to offer a high-level of addiction treatment and mental health services. We offer quality care to a wide variety of clients from all different walks of life.

Our unique program focuses on self-care, personal growth through recovery, and maintaining realistic lifestyles and goals. Through psycho-educational, experiential, spiritual, and mindfulness approaches we take an alternative path to finding freedom from addiction. We employee Master-Level Licensed Clinicians and Certified Addiction Professionals. Though not always the case, we believe that addiction can be sometimes a symptom to an underlying issue. Employing mental health professionals along with certified addiction counselors helps us find what’s best for each client. We can truly call our program a dual diagnosis treatment approach.

We proudly host clients in our safe and affordable sober living community located across Denver, Aurora, Colorado Springs, Pueblo, and Canyon City. This allows us to provide a higher level of structure and life skills training on a daily basis. Our sober living community provides structure for those that believe that they are ready to tackle life head on.

We hope you, along with your loved ones, choose to join us in our non-traditional treatment approach of sober-living and learning life skills. Life is challenging. Addiction makes it more so, and we are here to help. If nothing else has worked for you or your loved one, then you qualify for our program. Please give us a call today.

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