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Men’s Program (18yrs +) | Family Programs

CVN’s men’s program is focused on helping men discover their true male potential and break away from social stereotypes as well as internal negative reinforcements. Many psychological approaches to addiction and addiction treatment are now contributing to the psychological and interpersonal understanding of men which we incorporate at CVN. We work to help men define themselves in ways separate from previously conceived ideas of manliness and male behavior, such as the “macho male” stereotype a cultural standard up through the 20th century that, in some instances, still has an impact on male behavior today and a connection to addiction. At CVN we work towards a deeper understanding of emotions, behaviors, and attributes that are often particular to some men in the throes of addiction. Once clients have this knowledge, we find it helps facilitate an understanding of certain actions, thoughts, and feelings that men may be more likely to experience and display through addiction. Once an understanding is developed, the path to recovery becomes more clear and attainable.

The Core 12 Week Program

The CORE program has been designed by CoreVision Network (CVN) to serve its clients, their family and friends, and its administration and staff in their own personal growth. These growth areas are personal, social, emotional, and behavioral and are approached with a holistic perspective, intending to encourage, guide, and care for all participants.

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