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People who have a strong belief in God often find it doubly hard to deal with addiction problems. If you have a lot of faith but have not been able to overcome addiction to alcohol, drugs or others behaviors, you may feel that you’ve disappointed God. The good news is that there are spiritual recovery options that can help you strengthen your relationship with God and overcome your addiction, and CVN is one of them. At CVN we work to teach you how to strengthen your spiritual foundation in order to help you overcome your need for alcohol or drugs and addictive behaviors. We provide the same therapy and tools to help you stay sober in combination with a spiritual approach. The difference is that our faith-based rehabilitation also teaches spiritual principles and views your relationship with God as an important aspect of healing.

The Core 12 Week Program

The CORE program has been designed by CoreVision Network (CVN) to serve its clients, their family and friends, and its administration and staff in their own personal growth. These growth areas are personal, social, emotional, and behavioral and are approached with a holistic perspective, intending to encourage, guide, and care for all participants.

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