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DUI Programs

CoreVision Network offers DUI classes and alcohol counseling in English and Spanish for drug or alcohol‑related driving citations.


DUI assessment $40

  • DUI Level 1 class (3 day weekend course) – $120
  • Four DUI Level 2 classes (education classes or group therapy) – $100
  • DUI materials (education or therapy) – $25

Level I DUI Classes

[Total Hours: 12]

  • Generally, Level I education is for first time DUI offenders who have a low blood alcohol level at the time of their offense, < .08.

Level II DUI Classes

[Total Hours: 24]

  • Level II education is designed for both first time offenders and for those with multiple DUI Offenses.
  • Level II education consists of two‑hour classes held once a week for 12 weeks.
  • Therapy may be required in addition to Level II DUI education classes.

Level II DUI Therapy

[Total Hours: Varies]

  • Level II therapy is offered in a group setting and is designed to help patients address their drug and/or alcohol use, DUI citation and other life problems. Each group therapy session is two hours, once a week.
  • Specialized womenʼs services are available at designated locations.
  • If a patient is court ordered to therapy, the patient will attend one of four tracks assigned by the courts: Track A = 42 hours, Track B = 52 hours, Track C = 68 hours, Track D = 86 hours

For patients struggling to stay off drugs and alcohol and in need of a more intensive level of care, CoreVision Network offers outpatient services.

Monitored Sobriety

Monitored Antabuse (medication for alcohol abuse), alcohol and drug monitoring via breath, urinalysis (UA), and the drug patch are available.

Interlock Enhancement Counseling (IEC)

Regulated by the Department of Motor Vehicles and Office of Behavioral Health, IEC is brief intervention for DWI patients who have an interlock on their vehicle.

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