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Adolescents (16 & Up) | Client Programs

AT CVN we feel mindful, behavioral interventions help adolescents to actively participate in their recovery from drug abuse and addiction and enhance their ability to resist drug use. In such approaches, therapists may provide incentives to remain abstinent, modify attitudes and behaviors related to drug abuse, assist families in improving their communication and overall interactions, and increase life skills to handle stressful circumstances and deal with environmental cues that may trigger intense craving for drugs. At CVN we employ behavioral treatments shown to be effective in addressing substance abuse in adolescents that include cognitive behavioral therapy, community reinforcement therapy, and experiential therapy just to name a few.

The Core 12 Week Program

The CORE program has been designed by CoreVision Network (CVN) to serve its clients, their family and friends, and its administration and staff in their own personal growth. These growth areas are personal, social, emotional, and behavioral and are approached with a holistic perspective, intending to encourage, guide, and care for all participants.

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