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At CoreVision Network, our goal is to offer a high level of addiction treatment and mental health services. We offer quality care to a wide variety of clients from all different walks of life. We are located close to the mountains of beautiful Colorado.

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The CORE program

The CORE program has been designed by CoreVision Network (CVN) to serve its clients, their family and friends, and its administration and staff in their own personal growth.

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Our unique program focuses on self-care, personal growth through recovery, and maintaining realistic lifestyles and goals. Through psycho-educational, experiential, spiritual, and mindfulness approaches we take an alternative path to finding freedom from addiction.
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Many questions arise when considering treatment and we created this section for those who need more information before taking their next step. We hope everyone finds what works best for them and have listed below free resources to get started.
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Online Assessment

When exploring treatment for addiction, the first phone call can be the hardest. Our team is here to walk each patient through the process of admitting. We let each patient and loved one know what to expect and how to prepare for their time with us.
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My son’s story is like so many you have heard; with one exception, he has truly been blessed to have met Nathan and his staff. You see, Tommy had been using a lot every single day for five years (except when he was in prison). He asked for help for the first time and we were very fortunate to find this program. What a great place for my son to be! This unique program will send my son into the sober world with the willingness to stay that way. I believe that is the key. To want to be sober. Thank you, Nathan. YOU and YOUR staff are truly God’s Angels.

Charlene T.

CoreVision Network and Nathan Hardage have been a miracle for our family. Nathan’s depth of love goes deeper than any program our son has ever been a part of which has transformed his life. God is so good. This program is like nothing I have ever seen. There are so many people that need help.

Demetrius G.

Words can not explain what Nathan and the CoreVision Network do, you just have to see it to believe it. Nathan has saved two of my family members and it scares me to think where they would be if not for Nathan and his program. He includes the family and encourages open communication with everyone involved. It is not an easy program to get through, but you just can’t give up. When you see the smiles on your loved ones’ faces again and you get loved ones back to the people they used to be, you will see it was all worth it. Thank you Nathan for being there for my family and for all of the families that you have helped along the way.

Tracy J.

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